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Volume 2 in the making

GW002 convention took place last night.  Part 2 to follow end of summer….

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Get Wise Volume 1

Get Wise is a collection of heavy mid 90’s hip hop.

Mixed by Kev Luckhurst

All tracks selected & recorded from the vaults of Andy Edwards, Simon See and Kevin.

Get Wise Productions 2008.

GW001.3 (Digital)

GW001.2 (CD Repress by Rarekind Records)

GW001 (100 Hand printed & numbered)

Click the image to download the running mix:

Please send feedback if you like it.

Massive thanks to Ewan at Rarekind Records in Brighton for pressing up CDs.  Twice.  Ewan stocks some of the heavist hip hop vinyl around, and often accepts wants lists…  Check out his very very good shop here.

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